Reef and Ray Marine


Meet The Crew


Kevin Izumi

Master Collector, Reef and Ray Marine, LLC

With an incredible passion for aquariums and marine life, Kevin brings nearly 40 years of knowledge and expertise to Reef and Ray Marine’s methodical approach to the collection and handling of sharks, fish, invertebrates and other sea life. He is proud to offer sustainable marine life acquisition services to public aquariums and scientific institutions.

Jessica Takishita

Account Manager, Professional Shark Spotter and Jellyfish Wrangler, Reef and Ray Marine, LLC

Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Jessica manages our residential and commercial aquarium and pond maintenance accounts in addition to developing and training staff for our interactive educational programs.  Her love of the ocean makes her an excellent collector and identifier of native Hawaiian species.

Nick M. Block

Animal Habitat Specialist, Project Manager and Owner, ALSI, LLC

Nick brings more than ten years of experience to the Reef and Ray Marine Team specializing in animal collection, aquarium design, installation and maintenance, and fish husbandry. His vast knowledge of life support systems, animals and their natural habitats makes him a valuable resource in our collection and quarantine process. For more information on ALSI, LLC, visit